Company Profile

InCom is an IT service company. With hard work, dedication and extensive experience we are working for our customers.Group of happy young business people in a meeting at office

We have built a reputation for quality service, applying our knowledge and experience in the implementation of ERP software, e-commerce solutions and any assistance to our customers in dealing with problems in the use of various software programs and IT technology. Our experts have extensive experience with IT technology, and have participated in several hundred projects in Macedonia and the region. We relay on our experience in order to improve the performance of your business.

“We are living in a time of information technology. The need for new software solutions is growing every day. New types of devices, replace those that we bought this spring.

This trend will continue. Companies are adapting, but mostly they do with rejuvenation. With people who naturally live the new information age. But not all decisions are easy. To open Facebook profile or create a web page is not enough. The company must transit into the new era. Changes in operational procedures, internal reporting, communication with the world, controlling operations, marketing, sales … Time for a change! At the same time there is a shortage of IT experts. Brain drain and outsource all around us.

It requires an efficient and effective response. Efficient IT support, that is giving an integral response to the new challenges. The time has come for IT consolidator in the service of small and medium enterprises “

InCom is a right-hand to its users. From the selection of appropriate software solutions according to the needs and problems through consultation to improve the business process, tips for better internal organization to changing the internal operating procedures.  Our team rather than consultation, provides specific solutions and is working  closely with customers to implement these goals.  We are part of the team of our customers. We live in an information society, where the application of information technology is no longer a matter of choice but a matter of existence. InCom users are companies that need experienced and reliable team that will help in a better application of technology in business..

InCom provides effective IT support.With Integrated IT solutions we are helping customers. Through selection of appropriate software solutions, their successful implementation, and also through supporting the use. But most of all, we are  improving internal working procedures through the use of information technology.


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