Field Services

Field Services

Field Services Management is managing a company when outside the office – when on a road or when providing services for users. Many of a company’s activities are performed outside their offices. These activities are usually hard to control, and these companies create receipts, receivers, returnees, records, offers, travel orders or other documents, which later are attached to their business system. In this way, companies are exposed to double work, which besides its cost, it’s a source of errors. The lack of real-time information about the activities of the employees, outside the office, contributes to a lower quality of service. 

The list of applications for field operations, which we provide can be used independently or fully linked to the basic business system of the company. If used connected to the business system, the company user receives the maximum positive effect.

It can contribute to:

1. Increase sales
2. Improve the quality of field services
3. Improve the company’s image
4. Increase the control of fieldwork
5. Reduce the cost of field work

InCom offers the following applications:

1. Sales promotion (merchandising)

The promotion of products at a retail level requires quality tools for monitoring and managing this process. The application for sales promotion, collects information from outlets defined by the company itself, provides an opportunity to take a picture from the shelves, and also to take data for the competition. Sales promotion shouldn’t be left to a random choice of the final buyer, but rather it is necessary to rely on modern and affordable technology.

The promotion of products at a retail level requires quality tools for monitoring and managing this process. The application for sales promotion, collects information from outlets defined by the company itself, provides an opportunity to take a picture from the shelves, and also to take data for the competition. Sales promotion shouldn’t be left to a random choice of the final buyer, but rather it is necessary to rely on modern and affordable technology.

2. Ambulant sales

Sales of the range that salesmen have in their vehicle, or ambulant sales are a complex process where salesmen should have access to very important information. At the same time, salesman quickly and easily solves field assignments with this application, and instantly issues a receipt/invoice from their manual printer for the goods that the customer has chosen.

We recommend the application to be used on a PDA device, but can be used on tablets in certain companies which sell goods that are appropriate for such a device.

Through this application usually are printed:

– Dispatches
– Invoices
– Redeliveries
– Orders

A notable feature of this application is the possibility of electronic signature on the tablet directly from the salesmen and the buyer for confirmation of transactions.

3. Mobile sales / Logistics

Visiting customers and creating order in the same time is a process that this application has successfully addressed. The commercialist is able to offer the full range of the company’s goods and services, and during this process it is necessary to have access to important information (total debt, last order, open invoices …). At the same time, the commercialist with the help from this application can quickly and easily solve field assignments, and print orders for the goods that the customer has chosen, from their hand printer. Due to the nature of mobile sales, the commercialist can offer signing the order directly to their tablet, so this application can be used completely on software without any paper-working.

This application is used to monitor the delivery. Useful example of this is the delivery of furniture to the home address. With this application, the company will inspect the route of their vehicles, and the necessary documentation for this process is prepared significantly faster.

A notable feature of this application is the possibility of electronic signature on the tablet directly from salesmen and buyer for confirmation of transactions.

4. Sales Meeting (conversations script, MOM and offer generation)

Sales meetings are mostly recorded in a notebook which is brought by the commercialist. Upon returning to the office, the commercialist creates orders based on of the information recorded. This application greatly simplifies and accelerates this process. Several elements are significant:
– The possibility to define the course of the conversation in advance, which leads to a unified sales approach to the sales agents.
– No rewriting of information, which leads to reduced costs during the offer process.
– It can increase the number of visits per sales agent
– Immediately after the conclusion of the meeting, the application can create an offer and automatically send it to the potential client.

It should be noted that the sales agents will have all the information from the previous visits at reach on every subsequent visit, which will improve the quality of their activities.

5. Quality control

Companies use different protocols that show their progress during controlling the company’s processes.  Quality control in manufacturing companies, control processes in the kitchen, food production or any production process is a regular task and need. This application is the solution for such operations.

The team that performs quality controls will have all the necessary information required in the process of control in front of them, they can take an image of the situation, analyze and compare old and new situations and thus significantly improve the effects of their commitment.

6. Working  / service order

Many service companies perform service operations in the field. The application for working / service order, gives the opportunity to keep track of:

– Used operating supplies
– Used material
– Time required to perform activities

Through this application, on the field could be issued a working/service order and to be accepted by the customer immediately. Additionally, the company will have a better insight into the activities of its service technicians with precise insight on the time spent on the field and their movement.

7. Energy counters reading

Utilities, during a visit to their subscribers, collect information from the numbers.  This information integrated with Pantheon ERP can help reduce the time used for issuing invoices, and increase the speed and quality of service.

The same application is used for recording comments/requests from subscribers, which the company uses to improve their services.

8. Industrial production

During the production process, this application is used to record operations, used operating supplies and the already performed operations.

Using this application, production companies can get a detailed insight into their operations at a real time, which helps to maximize the available resources of the company. In industry the ability to keep track of the company’s operation in real time, not the day after, is a capability of this excellent tool.

9. Field operations for beverage manufacturers

Beverage manufacturing companies have specific needs which are solved by this application perfectly.  The application can be used for:
– Ambulant sales for the beverages in the vehicle
– Mobile collection of orders
– Records of delivery orders
– Sales promotion, monitoring and positioning of products

Companies that produce beverages have the most expressed need for this type of application, mainly because of the competition

– Apartments and building rental

Useful application for real estate agents, who by using this application have insights to field offers.  Through this application, real estate agents have access to all facilities offered, and can track changes in real time. Thus, real estate agents get a powerful tool that can significantly increase the performance of their work.

Real estate agents use this application to collect information on new facilities that will be added to their offer.  The inbuilt option to take photographs of the object, while the picture and the other facts become available to all of the agents in the company, contributes to increase the chances of success.

Real estate agents use this application to search an offer along with their potential clients, on the field, while they express their will for the project.

– Insurance

A sale of insurance requires a large amount of information that the insurance agent is obliged to fill in order to prepare an insurance offer or insurance policy. Through this application, the process is predefined and leads the sales agent through the process of negotiation and conclusion of insurance.

The application is used on a tablet, and insurance agents are given the opportunity to examine the defined conditions of insurance by potential insurers through the same device, or to directly communicate through mail. Thus, insurance agents have all the necessary tools for selling through their tablet.

– Medical promoters in pharmacology

Medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies, visit a large number of doctors and pharmacies on a daily basis. During such visits, using this application, they record:

– Comments during a meeting
– Information about competition
– Position of products on shelves (image or description))
– Orders

Pharmaceutical companies, through this application, get a much better insight into the activities of their representatives. The application records all visiting locations, so the company can monitor in real time and location. In addition, representatives get more time to visit because there is no need of creating reports for the daily activities, since all reports are created automatically.

Defining visiting routes assists medical representatives to plan their visits, which will increase their efficiency. The option to show all of the potential locations within a radius of the current position, gives medical representatives a tool for flexible operation.

– Management of Fixed Assets

Inventory of fixed assets, is a necessity for all companies. Application for fixed assets provides an opportunity for an inventory of fixed assets using barcode scanning patches. With the use of this application the process of inventory is speeded up and the accuracy of an operation is increased.

– Postal services

Postal operators normally have a number of couriers who take, carry and deliver packages on field. Their monitoring would be significantly improved through this mobile application. Features such as taking a picture of the package, no-paper signature when taking/delivering a package, as well as tracking the couriers in real time, are important features of this application.

– Research and information gathering

The application of research and information gathering enables field information gathering, without the need for rewriting. It is important to be noted that the technology used allows for quick definition of the questionnaire, and changing it as needed.

The application is commonly used on tablets, which can be used in both online and offline mode, making it flexible for different situations.

The applications can be used on a PC, tablet, smart phone, PDA devices with Android support, and our team has developed an integration of these applications with Pantheon ERP, making our customers get maximum quality and integrated business process.

User companies of Pantheon ERP can get all of the applications offered in Macedonian, Albanian, English or any other language, and the most notable feature is the connection between the data collected on the field and the data from the office.