“The company Asgeto is a company with 25 years of tradition. Besides our activities in Kosovo, we started with the expansion of our business in Albania and Macedonia. This process is supported by InCom consultants, who with their international experience are of great assistance in all the countries where we operate. “

Petrit Kusari, Director of Asgeto (wholesaler from Pristina)

“Our production process is significantly accelerated by means of InCom.We control, monitor and plan all production processes . All of this this was enabled by the  consultants who worked on the implementation of ERP Pantheon in our company. “

Bore Andonov. Director Almak Strumica (production furniture company with over 300 employees)

“We use InCom services in the past 3 years. The growth of sales in those years was 87%, with the help of  InCom consultants who made our sales process  efficient and without unnecessary  administration.

Djoko Novoselski, director of AB Novoselski (distributor of automotive)

“Own production and network of dealerships,is our business strategy. InCom helped all the business processes in the company to be well-organized and with high-quality, this is joy for our customers “

Vlatko liquorice, commercial director of Mebel-Vi (production of furniture)

“Production in our company is very well organized, all with the help of InCom. All our specifications in the sales process, were defined and implemented in a very short time. As a manufacturer of food preocessing products, it was of great importance to get follow-up lots. This works remarkably today “

Slobodan Tuparov, director of MAX Strumica (food production)