Modern times require modern solutions

Clock Software & InCom ERP invite hotels to join the successful tribe of entrepreneurs in the world and to improve their daily business & hotel efficiency using modern technology and experience.

Clock PMS is based on a cloud hotel management platform allowing modern hotels to have all of the tools needed in order to increase the quality of their services and the number of sales.

Hotel PMS
Hotel Kiosk
Central Reservations System
Restaurant & Bar POS
Event Management
Hotel Booking Engine
Hotel Self Service App
Payment Processing
Integrated Channel Manager
Automated Revenue Management

Meet our clients

Our hotel runs all internal procedures based on the experience incorporated in the Clock software. Consultants from InCom train our staff to use the technology, and our hotel offers quality services from the first day. We made clever decision providing our hotel with proven system and working procedures.

Enver MehmetiEnver MehmetiPremium Beach Hotel

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