Sales and Sales Management

With the synergy of technological tools and focus, InCom implements improved procedures for sales and sales management. This service is not just another trend for your sales team, but also a complete retail package. IT technology and sales techniques with clear procedures that improve sales results.

Better Sales Processes
More Efficient Sales Managers

Inserting the procedures for budgeting in the bonus program complementing the staff. InCom team implements a new tool for budgeting and spreads the budget of the company in all the company’s goals accordingly. The budget, personal KPI (key performance indicator) and bonus system for employees improve the company’s performance.

Creating New Business Modules for Planning
Inserting the Procedures for Budgeting in the Bonus Program for the Staff
Distributing the Budget of the Company According to the Needs
Training for using the Business Intelligence Modules in Pantheon


Cash Collection

Technology and training can significantly improve cash collection, one of the most common problems in Macedonia and neighboring countries. InCom has successfully implemented a new procedure for recovery in many companies.

Procedure for phone calls for Cash Collection
Procedure for reminding through SMS
Procedure for e-mail reminders, warning, warning before appeal
Blocking companies / Limiting the debt

The benefits for companies from implementing financial reporting according to International Accounting Standards (IAS) are very important. Our consultants have improved internal reporting procedures in a number of companies. Through this service, financial information becomes an integral part of daily business decisions.

Reports based on Macedonian constitutions
Reports based on International Accounting Standards
Automated reports for the managers through e-mail in the form of diagrams, tables, analyses.

Financial reporting based on IAS

Efficient Production Procedures

Cost control and quality control of the product are the main production goals. InCom has developed a service that improves the organization of production and provides real production cost.

Improved Production
Real product costs

Loyalty club program which stimulates frequent shopping and results in loyalty, as opposed to every day discounts that are momentary. 

Software module for Managing the Loyalty Program
Procedure for Operating the Program
Defining the Rules of the Program
High-Quality Club Cards
Integration with IT software for retail and inventory

Loyalty Program

Pricing Strategy

A separate model curated by InCom for formulating pricing policy, based on various parameters.

Adequate for Trading Companies

Additional module for creating sales campaigns, with selection of articles, types of articles and period of campaign.

Automated Process for Creating Campaigns
Adequate for Retail Companies

Sales Campaign

InCom Cloud service

A great substitute for capital investment in sever, maintaining, servicing, data back up… This service fuses all these costs in a monthly payment for InCom Cloud.

Adequate for Companies with Multiple Locations

Introducing DMS – document management system, is one of the basic steps in the digital transformation of any company.

Documents are more easily accessible to employees
Faster search and preview of the document you need
Cost Reduction

DMS + Archive