We are South East Europe Business Process Management Group (SEE BPM group), with knowledge and expertise for improving business processes in SME in East Europe.

Established in 2017 we have provided business processes consultancy and business software implementation nationally and internationally. Our business process experts, implements IT tools and developed procedures for the following topics:

  1. Sales & Sales management BPM
  2. Budgeting & KPI management
  3. Cash Flow management
  4. Financial Reporting based on IAS
  5. Efficient Manufacture BPM
  6. Loyalty Program BPM

SEE BPM group combines experts from the group members, providing customers in the SEE with IT tools, business software, project management, financial services, daily operation support. The group members create important synergy and resources that are provided to the companies in the region. Our services and software tools create quality business process management for our customers.

SEE BPM Group members are companies from several countries, working together on international projects, enforcing IT projects by our own consultants, IT tools, vertical solutions, experience and references.

SEE BPM Group’s mission is to improve business processes for our customers by:

  1. Modeling improved business processes
  2. Automatization of the business processes using business software (ERP), customized and integrated for the users
  3. Support the execution of defined business processes providing continuous business process
  4. Building control tools, used to measure business process execution and success
  5. Provides measurements which determine quantitatively how well the process is working
  6. Continuous improvement of the business processes, adopting the processes on changed environment

The Mission of SEE BMP Group is focused on business goals, business software, employees, users and partners, and establishing new potentials for further growth of our customers