Loyalty program

In a time where we hear everywhere about membership cards and loyalty programs, one certainly asks for the need of a loyalty program. But before asking for the need of a loyalty program, a thorough organizational analysis is required. InCom team has created a proper package for loyalty program, which includes: 

software module for managing the loyalty program
procedure for operating the program
defining the rules of the program
high-quality club cards
integration with IT software for retail and inventory

Advantages from high quality loyalty program

Customer Loyalty

as long as your customers have an interest in being loyal, they will continue being so. You cannot achieve loyalty with discounts only, you need to give a reason to the customers to make consecutive purchases. The discount should be based on the volume of the purchase, as well as the date of the last purchase

Information on New Products and Discounts

loyalty program is a great way for installing a user base. Through a good loyalty program, you will get the rights to inform your customers on new products and discounts

Defense against Competitors

as long as you have a quality loyalty program, you will protect your customers from the competition. Your customers will be informed on your offers at all times and will have an interest from you. That is an excellent way to keep your customers loyal

Companies frequently have printed discount cards. These cards, without a proper loyalty program are useless. These cards, don’t motivate the customer to be a regular client, which results in negative implications:

  • Waste for their printing and distribution
  • Discounts without predefined rules that don’t lead to benefits in the long run
  • You don’t have rules for the program, so the clients that don’t have a card feel eluded

How to achieve loyalty from your customers?

Our PACKAGE FOR LOYALTY PROGRAM, incorporates all of the requirements for a modern loyalty program. With this you will have the following benefits:

Loyalty levels

Automatic change in the level of loyalty in two directions. With shopping, your customers can advance to a higher level. But, with a longer time gap between two purchases, the system automatically retreats the customer to a lower level. Of course, the system will send an automatic notification through e-mail for the lowering, which will motivate the customers to keep their level.

Gift cards

Offer your club members to buy a gift card. With this mechanism you motivate your client, and have a chance on getting a new one.

Integrated Business Intelligence module

The goal of the loyalty program won't be achieved if the data are not systemized and analyzed properly. The integrated module for business intelligence will give you an answer to information like: time of purchase, most frequent client, geographical data for your program etc.


It is an advantage to recognize clients that shop frequently. Our loyalty program offers a mechanism which motivates the non-frequent customers which make big bills. These customers should be additionally motivated, in order to become frequent customers.


Always a good way to expand your club members. Through our package, recommendations become a great motivation for existing members, while you gain а favorable marketing.

Automated e-mail messages to club members!
Dynamical and Direct communication with Your customers: The Club gives a new dimension in Your communication with customers. From now you won’t be passive during communication, waiting on the customers’ decision to visit you.

Our team has built a package for loyalty programs which includes automated e-mails related to important dates:

1. E-mail message where we thank our customer for their membership anniversary and we offer an additional discount for the following 7 days
2. E-mail message where we congratulate the customer’s birthday with a gift: the club program offers an additional discount for the following 7 days.
3. An announcement that in the following 30 days, the club member needs to make a purchase in order to keep their loyalty level.

All of these notifications, generate new visits from your clients which eventually results in a new sale. You motivate your clients while giving them a logical reason to visit you. Shopping isn’t just satisfying a current need, but rather a choice based on emotional factors, which is why you should give reasons to the customers to visit you. The integrated module – Automated Customer Mailer (ACM), will give you an opportunity for direct and automated communication with your many customers.

We are at your disposal to organize a presentation where we will present you the way this program operates. Without any cost for your company, contact us to set up a meeting and to share our experience and recommendations specifically for you.