DMS + Archive


Companies need to organize their documents properly to reduce the headache of finding a document. Here are two complementary requirements:

  1. The legally defined need for intermediate ARCHIVE OPERATION defines the need for companies to keep a BUSINESS with all subjects, as well as an ACT CENSUS for all additional documents (entry / exit invoices, offers…).
  2. Creating a digital archive as a replacement for the classic document archive. Companies do this for several reasons:
  • Documents are more easily accessible to employees (we don’t need to distribute the original to more employees)
  • Faster search and preview of the document you need
  • Cost Reduction: It is common for documents to be stored in expensive company premises close to management. In this space every square is important, so using it for storing documents is not the best option

Introducing DMS – document management system, is one of the basic steps in the digital transformation of any company. What the InCom team recommends: how to properly introduce a digital archive, but also the legally required archive work? Our proposal is: to implement the two things together!

The InCom team has developed a solution that implements archive work and implementation of a document management system. Digital archives and archive books will help your company reduce headaches with documentation.