How the payment go?

Do you have a problem to get the money for your requirements? Whether recovery wait more months from the due date of the obligation?

One of the biggest problems of Macedonian companies is the uncertainty associated with enforcement. Even the lack of funds is not such a problem as constant stress associated with the matter set ourselves – when I’ll get the claims.

Why do I say that uncertainty is the biggest problem? Because uncertainty is the one who blocks to make decisions. Your say – come to wait, you may pay this week. You will pass the week will give even 1 week from us, so we receive information that I just had not paid back onto the hope that it will happen … In this way, not make decisions for investment, procurement, abstain of aggressive sales and wait! Our economy is slowly becoming a spinster economy – waiting for something to happen, and already itself does not know what awaits you! If we continue to move in this direction, you probably do not know nor recognize the right opportunity when it occurs. But not to wait for the prince on a white horse – which is what we ourselves can do?

Incom team worked many years to develop procedures that a company can be used from the time of maturity of the obligation to the point of bringing a lawsuit to not pay. This array of procedures requires appropriate technical tools, good record, technology – and most important: internal procedure for recovery as a substitute for improvisation. Our experience has shown that many Macedonian companies can significantly reduce the average number of days late payment by applying the following procedures:

1. Mechanism for the creation of PSI (Excerpt of open items) once a quarter: companies do not have adequate tools that would create such documents once quarterly. Because it does not apply this very important tool to improve the collection. Just compare the reaction of a manager who receives such a document at the end of the year with a situation where getting such a report once a quarter … the latter will certainly reminds you to lawsuits and preparing this document. But the effect it will pay the debt to avoid court costs and at the same time you will not use a single word to break cooperation should be recognized and valued.

2. Software module for evidence a refund: This procedure and the software module is something our team is implementing longer. The effects are great, as it allows the procedure for recovery to be organized, not improvisation; necessary facts to accumulate rather than an accumulation of frustrations, but most importantly – to demonstrate to your customers that you care about your money.

3. Sending SMS messages: This technique is very a sensible, but can be used in certain situations. Direct information to the right people, with data on debt maturities and can be extremely effective. Incom team  allows this procedure is to accelerate the process of creating SMS messages and send them.

4. Sending warnings before action: This procedure is a legal requirement but also a good technique for recovery, when others were not very successful

For better organization and reduce poor recovery, it is necessary to have a good organization in the company. Of course, a good business software here can help a lot. As an IT company in the companies in which we were engaged to re-design the sales process and billing, we are always recommended following methods:

1. Sale on the installment: instead of invoice with a deferred payment of 90 days, extremely favorable for you is an invoice with 3 installments. This is a way to “buy right” to search a portion of the money after the 30th day!

For realization of this method, it is necessary to have a tool for invoicing that               easily and quickly create payments on the invoice, but also a tool that the                       invoice will be rasknizhena by installments, not as a total claim.

2. Running the necessary clauses in the bill: Often the case of the invoice not have the requisite clauses overprotect the inconvenience

To realize this method, you need to have custom clauses that will furnish your              commercial specialist. Sure, having a module for making offers and deals, it                  improves your bargaining position if a problem with payment

3. Limiting the access to clients: there must be a limit of indebtedness which you are willing to bear, and above which no longer publish robe. If this limit is not set, then sell – but the present is for goods! Of course, the internal organization of the implementation of this should be done in a way that will avoid improvisations protectionism and administration.

This method is implemented with a black notebook. Commercial operations, the release of goods must be directly related to daily updated records of payments. Just so limiranjeto to the side of the software will sense and will not create a problem in the sales process.

Probably all these techniques you have already heard. Surely some of them have already applied. Do not ask why some of the techniques you have not applied. I recommend that you find strength and apply all the techniques that will improve collection.

Team Incom your disposal for solving problems with payment. We have great experience with many companies from Macedonia and the region. Problems elsewhere in the region are the same, but with hard work and dedication, the problem can be greatly reduced.

Saso Jovanovski

InCom – Managing Partner


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