Saso Jovanovski – new InCom partner

Saso Jovanovski joins InCom as Managing Partner

InCom ( announces the joining of Mr.Sasho Jovanovski as a partner of the company. With over 21 years of IT industry experience and wide business knowledge he will bring InCom new value on the market. In the previous period Mr.Jovanovski was General Manager of the Macedonian IT company iVote. Much of his career days he has spent in the Slovenian company DataLab, for 5 years on the position of Managing Director of a local company in Macedonia and 2 years on the position of Vice President for business development in the SEE region.

“Partnering with Mr.Jovanovski will enable a wider range of services and products that the company offers on the business software market. His expertise in business development, will bring new value to our users. This partnership is the beginning of further expansion of InCom, with new consultants, new products and services as well as expanding into new markets. This partnership coincides with the fourth anniversary of InCom. I’m sure that many Macedonian companies, with which Mr.Jovanovski has cooperated in previous years will be delighted about this partnership and the new opportunities that lie ahead. This partnership increases the expertise of business software, but also is opening new opportunities. InCom started operating on 2 locations in Macedonia – Strumica (seat) and Skopje. I wish Mr.Jovanovski all the best in this new challenge facing the two of us “- told Mr. Georgi Nikolov, Managing Partner.

Mr.Jovanovski has an engineering degree in IT technologies, an MBA degree from the famous COTRUGLI Business School. He is an active member of the Macedonian Entrepreneur Mentor Programme, supported by USAID and organized by CEED Macedonia. Through this program he provides important social contribution to the development of the Macedonian business community.

“It is a great honor and responsibility to enter into partnership with a longtime friend and a great professional in the world of business software, such as Mr. Nikolov. Without hesitation I accepted the offer of partnership and working together on the market, because the proposal coincides with my understanding of the business – the synergy of expertise, experience, dedication will always bring more value and success than individual action in the market. This experience will be something new for me – the first time as a partner with great responsibility towards customers and InCom partners. I believe that with this partnership, and the planned expansion on the team with new consultants will achieve the vision that we have set before us: to become a trusted IT partner to the users.We will offer customers in Macedonia and the region a wide range of products and services from local, regional and international IT companies, but coupled with excellent service. We strongly believe that the implementation and support in the use of IT products is the primary problem in computer science today. There is a surplus of software solutions, but a large deficit for quality customer support. This gap in the market in Macedonia and the region, will be filled by choosing quality software solutions coupled with outstanding service. “-  told Mr.Jovanovski new Managing Partner.