Applications for Field Services


We are proud to announce our partnership with the Slovenian company, i-Rose. As a response to all of the trends for m-commerce solutions, we at InCom, along with our partner i-Rose are making it affordable for our customers to have a large number of mobile applications. This is a technology that has a great amount of users in different European countries and allows mobile working. The offered applications are functioning online, but can be used offline as well, thanks to the excellent technology of synchronization.


i-Rose was founded in 1992 and its entire focus in the latter years is put on the development of field service applications. The products of this company are well-known in Slovenia, but in many other European countries as well. Using quality technology, the company develops its efficiency for field services solutions with many uses. Along with the feature of operating offline, this technology has other notable characteristics too:

– Creating new applications efficiently depending on the need of the customers
– Connecting the information from the office and the field

The offered applications are:

1. Sales Promotion (merchandising)
2. Аmbulant sales
3. Mobile Sales / Logistics
4. Sales Meeting (conversations script,MOM and offer generation)
5. Quality Control
6. Workng  / service order
7. Energy counters reading
8. Industrial production
9. Field operations for beverage manufacturers
10. Apartments and building rental
11. Insurance
12. Medical promoters in pharmacology
13. Management of Fixed Assets
14. Postal services
15. Research and information gathering

The applications can be used on a computer, tablet, smartphone, PDA gadgets with Android. Also, our team developed an integration of these applications with Pantheon ERP, whereby our customers are receiving integrated business processes with maximum quality.

The companies that use Pantheon ERP, could receive the offered applications on Macedonian, Albanian, English or any other language. The most notable thing is the connection between the information in the office with those on the field.